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Make way for back to school! Here are the coolest boys' backpacks for that time of year - the ones that are the most in demand, with the highest reviews.

Best Boys' School Backpacks

Best Boys' School Backpacks

Best School Backpacks for Boys 2015 on Pinterest

A collection on Pinterest of resources and highly rated picks of the best backpacks for boys in 2015.  (You can click on any of the images below to find individual pins, or click on the banner at the bottom to get a good view of the whole board.)


Best Boys' School Backpacks

10 Best School Backpacks for Boys in 2015

A "hot top 10" list for 2015 @ Top 10 Store.  In this case, the list (ranked from 1 to 10) is on back-to-school backpacks that are popular and highly rated with the lads...

On this page are the ten best school backpacks for boys of various ages based on both popularity and consumer ratings. These are the school bags that are getting the most sales...

Here is the full resource:
Top 10 School Backpacks for Boys 2015

Best Boys' School Backpacks

Best Kids' School Bags - 2015 Top Rated Boys Backpacks

On Kid-Mash - a relatively new curated resource for kids' stuff - here are their recommendations on backpacks for boys:

Best Backpacks for Boys 2015

Best Boys' School Backpacks

Boy Oh Boy! It’s Back to School Backpacks! - Best Toys for Kids 2015

boy wearing backpackSpecifically for the fall 2015 and into 2016 school year, here are three suggestions on boys' backpacks.  Cool little article!

With the increase in schoolwork, homework, heavier textbooks, and more paperwork and need-to-have school supplies, kids are faced with a backpack dilemma. Which brings me to why the best backpacks for boys are the best...

Here is the full article

Best Boys' School Backpacks

8 Free Things Your Kid Needs on the First Day of School

Not on the subject of backpacks - but while we're on the subject of heading back to school I thought I would share this handy little article too.

Despite what kids say—usually with pleading, desperate eyes—an iPad or a pair of $200 jeans isn't really going to help them on the most anxiety-inducing day of the year. Here's what will...

Best Boys' School Backpacks

Backpack Features: School Backpacks - Kids for Blog

This article covers the various points to look for in boys' and girls' backpacks when they are heading back to school.  (There might be some good ideas to look over here - some things to keep in mind.)

"Features serve several purposes, one is to make school backpacks more useful and comfortable and another is to make kids backpacks a lot safer and can add to the attractiveness of the design..."